Doing some sketches for a commission <3


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Oh my god. Gurl, let me tell you. My first time with my boyfriend, while a little awkward, was still enjoyable. We hadn’t had sex in two months, and yesterday we lost all sense of control. Clothes rip off, and after furious kissing, he thrust himself inside me. I came the moment he entered me. He and I had the most passionate love making I’ve ever had. It was exactly how I wanted it and I can honestly say that I don’t think I will ever want another lover ever again. Okay fin. That’s my story. :)

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Anonymous asked: I fantasize about you riding me, me eating you out, and you sucking me.

Cheeky! I’m afraid that’s a fantasy only acted upon by my lovely Kieran. He’d let you know that it’s wonderful though xoxo

UGH my friend has had her tattoo copied…

It’s such a horrible thing, some disgusting scratcher found a photo on Instagram and copied it EXACTLY. The worst thing is it was a tribute to her mama who sadly passed away. I feel sick, it’s such a low thing to do.

To call themselves an ‘artist’ is an insult to hardworking tattooists out there who draw their butts off to give people original work.

NEVER put full frontal pictures of your tattoos on here or on Instagram. There are some real gross shady bitches lurking about.

Sorry for ranting, as a tattoo lover and an illustrator, this really really gets to me.

schoolofsoftknocks asked: My girlfriend left me to go be with someone else. Ouch. Now all I really want is sex to numb the pain, but I'm not great at the whole hookup scene. Boohoo. (Boring story over)

If you’re sure that you’re ready for a new partner, there’s lots of ways to hook up! Try people who you’ve been interested in before, maybe you have a friend who seems up for a casual fun? If not there’s bars and clubs…Even online dating, there are specific hook up sites and even just options on regular sites for those looking for fun :) I hope you get what you need! xoxo

Anonymous asked: Will you show us your most favoritest sexiest outfit you have? xoxo

I don’t think I have a particular outfit that’s sexy! People say the way I dress can be quite sexy / revealing, so that’s a generally everyday thing rather than one outfit alone. To be honest anything looks 10000x sexier with a nice pair of stripper heels :) xoxo

Anonymous asked: The biggest player I know offered to be my rebound after i split with my first bf-at first I thought he was joking.He's very attractive & everyone calls him a slag-we get on well and talk in personal.He's attractive but he's super flirty.What to do?!

If you’re comfortable with a no-strings relationship, go for it! There’s nothing wrong with sleeping with someone just for pleasure, just make sure you both have no same intentions so nobody gets hurt xoxo

Anonymous asked: Is your ask still empty?

Not now :) xoxo

Anonymous asked: will you still answer my ask from a while ago? :/

My inbox was empty before today my love :( if I haven’t already answered it, it might have been lost and you should write to me again. Really sorry if it hasn’t appeared! xoxo


Anonymous asked: Advice?I broke up with my boyfriend about 8wks ago-I found out last week he slept with someone at a party and bragged about it on tumblr.Even though I left cause I wasn't happy,it still really hurt me!He was my first.We're talking again.What do I do?

Oh dear that’s such a shame! Whether you hate your ex or still love them, it’s bound to hurt so soon after a break up if they’re sleeping with other people and you’re not at that stage yet. You left because you weren’t happy, remember that. Talk all you like but always remember the reason you ended things. This situation can drag up a lot of old feelings and memories, it’s important not to get lost in missing the old times and focus on why you’re not with him NOW xoxo

There’s dust in my inbox.

If you wanna chat about your vag, brag about your dick or even just make friends…hello I am here xoxo

Anonymous asked: We want more pictures of your beautiful face! Xoxo

N’aww that’s very sweet of you! I try not to post photos and things in case people think I’m gross / people get annoyed and want it just to be about dicks and stuff. If more people don’t mind then I might start posting pictures, if not there’s always my Instagram and Facebook xoxo

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Anonymous asked: I am probably going to hell for this but I am so infatuated with my boyfriends brother. He's so handsome and I always thought so when I first met him. We were at a party and I swore when we talked, we were so close to each other that we could have kissed right then and there. My boyfriend was else where at the time. Sometimes when my boyfriend goes off on me, I would imagine his brother and get much more turned on. Is this abnormal? All three of us spend a lot of time together. I can't help it.

You can’t help who you crush on when you’re in a relationship! This might just wear off in time, but if you genuinely feel that you may cheat on your boyfriend or that you don’t feel so attracted to him anymore, you should say something or perhaps just  back away from the relationship xoxo

Anonymous asked: Dear Helpful Miss, Thank you for giving advice to those in need. I aspire to be just as helpful as you someday. I just want you to know that you are thanked for being you. I hope your day goes well. Signed, -Pebble Anon

N’aww this is lovely, thank you! Sometimes I don’t feel that I’m as helpful as I should be to others, but it sounds like I’m kind of on the right track. Thanks for the sweet words xoxo

Anonymous asked: Hey, I've been talking to this boy for like a year and we've done some sexual things but I hardly EVER see him but we talk quite often. Recently things have been very bumpy like arguments and saying that we will stop talking but then he always comes back? Recently we didn't talk for a month so I texted him a question about some work as an excuse and we began chatting and he started going on about how he's changed and how he's different things aren't all about sexual things bla bla...

Continued… And then we just stopped talking and the next day it was driving me crazy I couldn’t stop thinking about it but I didn’t want to have to make conversation as I acted like I didn’t care. Why is he telling me he’s changed? Why would it matter to me? I don’t know what he wants I’m so confused could you give me some advice on this whole situation pleaseeee:( love your blog btw and your beautiful! Xxxx
Maybe he felt that it was inappropriate to continue your conversations as they were mostly sexual? It sounds as if he’s done some growing up and is after a more heartfelt (not necessarily romantic) friendship than one that’s made up of naughty chats. I think he wants to let you know he’s changed because he’s no longer interested in sex chats, if you’re interested in continuing a less sexual relationship, let him know. You could end up just good friends or something more. Perhaps any sort of relationship is better than none at all? It seems like he wants to tone things down from what they used to be. xoxo