andr0queer asked: is there anything that protects against STD's that aren't condoms? because i fing condoms highly uncomfortable.

Sadly the only thing that can prevent disease and infections are barriers stopping skin contact and bodily fluids getting all mixed up and nasty!

You can always try female condoms or dental dams for oral sex, but it’s still going to be flappy old latex either way xoxo

Anonymous asked: When you have sex and he cums inside does it all just come out of you or is it just me because i cant even stand up afterwards because it all leeks out and i have to wear a pad and its really embarrassing and we cant have sex anywhere else but in a place thAt we can take our time and i just want to be more flexible with where i can have sex is there a way to prevent this ?

Yeah cum sucks…If you’re at home it’s annoying, but at least you can have tissues and run to the bathroom straight after. Pee straight after and try to push as much of it as you can out (sorry…this sounds so gross), then you won’t have to worry so much about wearing pad or leaking later.

If you want to do it more spontaneously but without the mess, condoms are probably your best bet. Unless you’re already doing it in a bathroom! What goes up must come down sadly D: xoxo

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seventeen-and-senseless asked: Where have you gone? :(

No sad faces! I’m here :) xoxo

Anonymous asked: Help! I'm currently in Summer school and I found out that this boy I have a huge crush is living in the same building as me. The funny thing is that I have seen him (as in crossing paths) every single day since I got to college.I only have two weeks left of classes b4 I leave until August. I don't know if it's worth feeling (for lack of a better word) him out if I have such a short time left? Also, could you give me some flirting tips? I'm so bad at it!

Flirting is so easy once you get the hang of it! All you have to do is be really attentive, ask him questions and seem really interested in his answers. Laugh at his jokes, touch his arm, play with your hair. Just being relaxed, fun and confident is enough.

I’m a bit confused about your timing thing, will you be seeing him again in August? Obviously it’s been a while since you sent this, and you probably aren’t at college currently. But practice your flirting on others until you see him again! xoxo

Hello again.

I’m so so so so sorry for being a complete shithead and neglecting this blog. I’ve not been well recently and Tumblr was the first thing to go.

Thank you for not unfollowing and still sending me messages! I’ll start replying from today and doing a much better job.

Lots of love xoxo

My boyfriend and I have a bit of a running joke about me getting turned on when he speaks Mandarin Chinese (he’s not Asian at all mind you, he’s white but he learned in school as a kid). I don’t think either of us realized that there was actually some truth in it until today. Laying in bed together I asked him to say something in Mandarin and ended up kind of pouncing on him. We then proceeded to have incredibly hot sex with him saying things in Chinese the whole time.

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Doing some sketches for a commission <3


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Oh my god. Gurl, let me tell you. My first time with my boyfriend, while a little awkward, was still enjoyable. We hadn’t had sex in two months, and yesterday we lost all sense of control. Clothes rip off, and after furious kissing, he thrust himself inside me. I came the moment he entered me. He and I had the most passionate love making I’ve ever had. It was exactly how I wanted it and I can honestly say that I don’t think I will ever want another lover ever again. Okay fin. That’s my story. :)

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Anonymous asked: I fantasize about you riding me, me eating you out, and you sucking me.

Cheeky! I’m afraid that’s a fantasy only acted upon by my lovely Kieran. He’d let you know that it’s wonderful though xoxo

UGH my friend has had her tattoo copied…

It’s such a horrible thing, some disgusting scratcher found a photo on Instagram and copied it EXACTLY. The worst thing is it was a tribute to her mama who sadly passed away. I feel sick, it’s such a low thing to do.

To call themselves an ‘artist’ is an insult to hardworking tattooists out there who draw their butts off to give people original work.

NEVER put full frontal pictures of your tattoos on here or on Instagram. There are some real gross shady bitches lurking about.

Sorry for ranting, as a tattoo lover and an illustrator, this really really gets to me.

schoolofsoftknocks asked: My girlfriend left me to go be with someone else. Ouch. Now all I really want is sex to numb the pain, but I'm not great at the whole hookup scene. Boohoo. (Boring story over)

If you’re sure that you’re ready for a new partner, there’s lots of ways to hook up! Try people who you’ve been interested in before, maybe you have a friend who seems up for a casual fun? If not there’s bars and clubs…Even online dating, there are specific hook up sites and even just options on regular sites for those looking for fun :) I hope you get what you need! xoxo

Anonymous asked: Will you show us your most favoritest sexiest outfit you have? xoxo

I don’t think I have a particular outfit that’s sexy! People say the way I dress can be quite sexy / revealing, so that’s a generally everyday thing rather than one outfit alone. To be honest anything looks 10000x sexier with a nice pair of stripper heels :) xoxo

Anonymous asked: The biggest player I know offered to be my rebound after i split with my first bf-at first I thought he was joking.He's very attractive & everyone calls him a slag-we get on well and talk in personal.He's attractive but he's super flirty.What to do?!

If you’re comfortable with a no-strings relationship, go for it! There’s nothing wrong with sleeping with someone just for pleasure, just make sure you both have no same intentions so nobody gets hurt xoxo

Anonymous asked: Is your ask still empty?

Not now :) xoxo

Anonymous asked: will you still answer my ask from a while ago? :/

My inbox was empty before today my love :( if I haven’t already answered it, it might have been lost and you should write to me again. Really sorry if it hasn’t appeared! xoxo